Powering Transformation
for Strategy Execution Bootcamp
Your Secret Weapon for a
Well-Structured Transformation Program

Where Transformation
finds its Home & Heart

Why this

Because Settling for Mediocre Change Is Off the Table

Going against the status quo is challenging and requires leaders to be 2-3 steps ahead in their thinking and anticipation. Structuring a transformation program is essential to gain stakeholders' clarity, direction, and buy-in.

However, the thinking process, sharpening the saw stage of Transformation, and complex change programs are not usually given enough time before jumping to solution mode.

Moreover, Transformation is a multi-disciplinary practice and involves connecting the dots to create meaning and structure. At the heart of the Transformation is building organisational capabilities to carry the change more profoundly into the organisation's fabric to achieve the outcome.

Out of that, this workshop idea was born. I have used business architecture for years to bring clarity, structure and direction to complex change and transformation programs.

Who is this for

Leaders of Transformation (e.g., sponsor or change lead, senior consultants, head of business architecture, strategy, planning, Transformation, portfolio roles).

Have authority and desire to introduce or influence new ways of thinking and working within their organisations' transformation/change office/program.

Transformation, change, and business architecture practice leaders.

Leaders and senior consultants in the people & culture space, technology enablement, operating model design and strategy execution.

Outcome Text IMG

Inspired with an expanded vision for Transformation (e.g., as an organisational capability for competitive advantage, multi-disciplinary, business architecture/capability-centred) and equipped with an understanding of what is possible, where to start, and how to communicate with others

Practical knowledge and resources available to support the journey for them and their team (resources from People of Transformation and Biz Arch Mastery)

Benefits And Learnings

A small group setting with the opportunity to learn from transformation and business architecture experts as well as peers in a risk-free environment

Learn fresh, proven ideas for holistically approaching Transformation

Understand, experience, and articulate how business capabilities and other business architecture perspectives and blueprints are leveraged to design Transformation and complex change programs

Examples and sample case study artifacts that demonstrate business architecture leveraged within a transformational context

Reusable strategy translation approach and template

Opportunity to meet and interact with other transformation and change leaders

Access to valuable resources and a signed copy of the book Strategy to Reality

What Will Be Covered


What is the essence of Transformation


Why Transformations are sometimes disappointing and costly


Organisational capability is the new competitive advantage


The main components of what makes Transformation holistic, integrated and connecting the dots of its various other disciplines to make it work


A brief overview about Business Architecture: What it is and what it is not


The Value of Business Architecture to Transformation

Designing Transformation and complex change programs using Business capability at the heart

Leveraging capabilities to translate strategy, harmonise change and inform portfolio decision-making


Applying the Lens of Business Architecture to Transformation: Using the golden thread from strategy to value stream to capability to initiatives for translating and aligning on outcome and execution efforts


How to sell business architecture and the approach to Transformation to senior leaders and stakeholders in the organisation


Practical steps to get started

Where & When?

Location: In person at Sydney CBD OR Virtually through a replay and follow up Q&A virtual session

Time: 1 pm to 5 pm

Date: 23/October

Tea and coffee will be provided

The session will be recorded, and the replay will be available to those who can’t make it in person. A follow up Q&A session will be offered virtually to complement the replay

The workshop is capped at 15 in-person attendees only (unlimited otherwise)

Your investment is A$999

This workshop is offered for free to members of People of Transformation (In person and through a replay)

If you are offered a discount code from someone who referred you, please make sure you use it to claim your spot at a discounted rate.

Please use your discount code at check out.

Members of People of Transformation will be given a special discount code which gives a 100% discount on this Bootcamp Workshop.

Jess Tayel

Jess is a global change & transformation thought leader for 25 years. Jess worked in 15 countries and for organisations such as Google, Boeing, Apple, Emirates, Macquarie, ABN Amro, and many more. She has worked across a dozen industries and with at least 20 cultures.

Jess is about empowering transformation leaders and teams to unlock effective change, demystify transformation, upskill teams and individuals, grow leaders' value, accelerate their career progression and get them unstuck.

Jess has a doctorate in business transformation leadership and design from the US, as well as accreditations in Red team thinking, Gallup strengths, Leadership Circle Profile, Harvard strategy execution mastery, executive coaching and more.

Jess's mission revolves around bringing change & transformation mastery, influence and growth to leaders. Jess is launching her public signature program, "The Go To Leader" in the upcoming People of Transformation membership community launch this October.

Whynde Kuehn

Is recognised globally as a highly sought-after pioneer and thought leader in business architecture with a distinguished track record of creating successful strategic business architecture teams worldwide. She has worked with many organisations to build their capacity for end-to-end strategy execution, including Fortune 500 and global enterprises, governmental and non-profit organisations, social enterprises, startups, and cross-sector initiatives. Whynde is the creator of Biz Arch Mastery, a dedicated online platform and community that helps professionals master the art and science of business architecture. She is a Fellow with the Institute for Digital Transformation and a member of the Fast Company Executive Board. She is also co-founder, vice president, and academic chair of the Business Architecture Guild, a not-for-profit business architecture association that has helped advance and formalise the discipline across the globe. Whynde is an adjunct professor within the Penn State Smeal College of Business in the Executive Education program. She is the author of the book Strategy to Reality and chair of the Women In Architecture (WIA) global initiative.

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