The 10 things to double down on in 2023. Episode 1: FOCUS

Distraction and Focus: Is there a problem?

In the Change & Transformation space, there is never a dull moment and never a lack of things to do.

However, what gets most of us, is the lack of Focus.

Now more than ever, the need to focus and be intentional about it is at the heart of what purposeful and high-performing leaders and professionals need. This is to combat the daily grind, the busyness, the noise, and the sheer amount of complexity.

Not everything needs your attention.

And not everything needs your attention equally.

And not everything needs your attention now.

Yet many leaders find themselves constantly reacting and getting distracted. Sometimes we get distracted and sucked into it and then wonder where the day went.

Counter to the common belief that distraction is an equation of the environment, I found that distraction is sometimes something we allow and give permission to

Distractions are like a bag of seeds; when you take one out and water it (consciously or not), you allow it to grow and interfere with your day.

While minimal distraction is expected and can be addressed, excessive distraction is a time stealer.

Unfortunately, according to research, about 50% of workers are distracted at work, and it takes them at least 25 minutes to recover from each distraction incident and turn to focus mode.

Levels of Focus

Since I am referring to the Change and Transformation space, it is more than just eliminating distractions caused by your phone or checking social media. It is about the kind of Focus that brings you success and empowers you to create impact.

There are 4 different levels of Focus, as shown below:

Focus on what?

One might ask, so what exactly do I focus on? These are the 5 filters that I apply for myself and my clients to determine what you should be focusing on

1.      What has the most impact?

2.      What sets you up for success?

3.      What would matter a year from now?

4.      What can you bring to help make the most impact?

5.      What can get in the way?

What gets in the way of Focus?

There is no shortage of distractions; however, I find that what can get in the way is mostly coming from ourselves

1.      Insecurity of one’s ability or the ability of others

2.      Not knowing what the right next step is

3.      Obsession with too much structure and perfection

4.      Rigidity of thinking

5.      Fear of Commitment

6.      Not knowing what to focus on

7.      The lack of a support system that helps create a healthy and sustainable focus

Distractions steal your thunder and dim your light, don’t allow them in. Get to the root cause of why you allow your most favourite distractions to get in the way and how to combat daily distractions best.

Make 2023 the year of less distraction and more intentional Focus

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Tomorrow and in the next episode of this series, I will talk about “Doing the Work.” Watch this space

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