Shaping Your Role

One of the most frequently asked questions in my coaching and consulting work is: How do I shape my role?

One of the most powerful things about a career in change and transformation is that this space is so big and versatile that it allows you to shape your role in ways that bring high value to you and to others.

Leadership in the change and transformation space can be challenging, requiring unique skills and a willingness to take risks. However, by shaping your role in the right way, you can accelerate your career progression, create impactful work and become the best version of yourself.

What does it take?

I can be fancy and formal about this, but I will get straight into it. It takes guts!

Being in Change & Transformation is an honour.

To be able to change behaviours, develop new ways of working, provide a great service, deliver functional and delightful products to your customers, create impact, and build a thriving culture for your teams… Is an act of true service

It is not just about work and careers, and income.

It is about:

  • Do you have the resilience to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape and increased complexity?
  • Do you have the right tools and expertise to reach mastery levels? Which, by the way, is a lot more than certifications and formal education.
  • Do you have access to an eco-system that challenges your thinking and perspectives, keeps you humble & powerful, understands you and has your back?

After bringing in the space of change and transformation for almost 25 years and working across at least 20 countries and many cultures, I came to realize that, unfortunately, many settle for less, play small, get burnt out and can’t keep up

This is to no fault of theirs. This can be because they are either:

  • Unaware of the how-to: Don’t know what is the next step.
  • Can’t see the big picture: What is that path and journey they need to go on
  • Lacking the right support system: They need a support system, and if they do, the network they have had for many years keeps them stagnant and not moving forward.
  • Busyness: When busyness gets in the way, we tend to be reactive about how we build our careers and impact. Sometimes the realization that we need to switch gears comes late into the game.
  • Playing someone else’s game: Sometimes, we pick role models and want to be like them. Nothing wrong with that except for 2 things, they are not a constant role model and also, they are not you, and you are not them.

The 3 main aspects of shaping your role in the modern world of Change & Transformation

Own your Journey

Where you are right now is on you. And where you want to go is on your too.

One fundamental way for leaders to shape their roles is by taking ownership of their development. 

 This means actively seeking out opportunities to learn and grow, whether through attending conferences and workshops, reading relevant books and articles, or learning from other experts in the field.

Unfortunately, many fall into the trap of collecting certificates to build credibility. Credibility is about the insights and experiences you gained from what you learnt, making it your own, using them in the context you have, and adapting your ways to address the outcomes to be achieved.

Divorce your perspectives

One of the most significant obstacles in the change and transformation space comes from the limitations of its leaders. Limitations in:

  • Expanding their thinking to see beyond the obvious
  • Reading the situation and the context and adapt
  • Ability to harness collective intelligence.
  • Limitations in developing solutions that cut through the noise and create true forward-moving momentum.
  • Bringing their whole self to create meaningful conversations that engage hearts before minds

Being too attached to being right, to your own ways, or how you see things play out will create the ceiling that will cap your growth, progression and income.

The problem is you won’t see it coming. Because your ceiling is invisible to you, and you are basically in denial.

And being in denial is a downward spiral to blaming others, not seeing your true potential, seeking more-of-the-same roles (In other words, playing it safe and being comfortable), and eventually settling for less.

Coaching & Mentorship is the fastest, most effective way and probably the most significant investment that will help you get out of your own way!

Take action, don’t wait

You know that voice that whispers to you once in a while, telling you things like:

  • How amazing your ideas are.
  • You have it in you to play a more significant role and expand your wings.
  • You belong in a better place and a better culture.
  • You and your family deserve better.
  • You shouldn’t be so stressed or that busy that you should have more time for the things you love and the people you love.

Now, do you happen to remember that voice? That voice is your guide that hints into what is possible for you. Listen to this voice; give it space and time.

And before you lose the enthusiasm and get busy updating your CV, or go back to your Teams meetings or write that proposal. Pause for a few minutes, and think about the cost of not taking charge.

When you don’t take charge, the status quo will take charge, and you are just engrained into what everyone else is feeling and doing .. and it goes on and on and on.

Is the People Of Change Community for you?

One of the main reasons why I am creating The People Of Change Community mastermind is to help leaders like you to:

  • Connect to like-minded and like-hearted leaders who care, want to grow and want to spread their wings.
  • Gain Mastery over change and transformation beyond the publicly available models and frameworks and get deep into the invisible by learning through courses, group coaching and providing deep dive hot seats
  • Expand perspectives and thinking in various topics and areas within change & transformation by having a safe space for open conversations, virtual and in-person events, masterclasses, expert interviews, and case study showcases.
  • Network with other leaders locally and globally to build relationships, bond and gain access to the secret career market of unadvertised roles.
  • Feel supported and understood.

The People of Change mastermind community will be invite-only and offered to a handful of members at a founder-only price. If you believe this interests you, reach out and register your interest.


Leaders in the change and transformation space can shape their roles to accelerate their career progression, create impactful work, and be the best version of themselves by taking ownership of their development, being intentional about designing their eco-system, seeking to elevate their perspectives and be open to eradicating them, take actions and not playing the waiting game

Love to hear your thoughts on today’s article and how you plan to shape your role in a way that takes you places

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