Redefining Progress

In the intricate landscape of organizational growth, the beacon of progress guides our collective efforts and aspirations.nbsp;

Yet, the journey towards progress is multifaceted, and its realization is deeply embedded within an organization’s cultural and operational fabric.

As we venture deeper into understanding progress, it’s clear that an evolved perspective is vital for transformative advancement.

In this edition, I would like to explore the three dimensions of progress—Horizontal expansion, vertical elevation, and level evolution—and how redefining these can propel us towards a future that brims with meaning and purpose.

The Three Dimensions of Progress

1. Horizontal Expansion: Traditionally, progress within organizations is synonymous with adding more to the existing framework—more products, features, and initiatives. It’s the spread across the horizon, where success is measured by accumulating tangible achievements and expanding scope.

2. Vertical Elevation: Vertical elevation is often pursued to a lesser extent but is nonetheless crucial. This dimension involves deepening our capabilities, enhancing the quality, and amplifying the impact of our endeavours. It’s about refining what we do to achieve excellence rather than simply doing more.

3. Level Evolution: This transformative dimension moves beyond the incremental and phased approaches of expansion and elevation. Level Evolution signifies a comprehensive and fundamental shift in the organization’s maturity, capabilities, and performance. It encompasses strategic, operational, and cultural transformations that elevate the organization to new functional heights.

Perception and Recognition

It is no secret that most organizations are on the horizontal expansion horizon.

However, there is a ceiling to this horizon, and you know you reached this ceiling when the middle managers are starting to feel the complicated environment, and every change is getting harder and harder, forcing them to cut corners or simply dial up on the silo working. Leaving the organization with “more stuff” added to an already complicated, busy and stressed environment.

Each dimension of progress is recognized and celebrated differently within organizations. Horizontal Expansion, being the most visible, often receives the most immediate recognition. However, this can perpetuate a “more is better” mindset, overshadowing the critical importance of depth and innovation.

Vertical Elevation, while acknowledged, can be undervalued against the backdrop of rapid expansion. Its subtle yet profound impact on the organization’s foundation may not be immediately evident, but it is indispensable for long-term sustainability.

Level Evolution poses the greatest challenge for recognition. It demands a departure from the familiar, which can be met with resistance or scepticism. The transformative potential of Level Evolution is often fully appreciated only in retrospect once its comprehensive benefits have reshaped the organization.

Integrating the Dimensions for Transformative Growth

When we harmonize these three dimensions or horizons of progress, we embrace a holistic approach to growth. This synergy encourages expansion and refinement and fosters a fundamental evolution in how the organization operates and thinks.

Achieving this integration requires a shift in mindset—from prioritizing quantity to valuing quality, innovation, and systemic transformation.

This mindset shift, though challenging, is essential. It can provoke insecurities, as it involves moving beyond the comfort zone of familiar practices. It necessitates support and a collective commitment to exploring uncharted territories.

Without this, the transformative impact of Level Evolution might remain unrecognized or be met with resistance.


Elevating Our Concept of Progress

To truly elevate our organizations, we must broaden our definition of progress. It’s about more than just adding to what already exists.

It’s about enhancing the quality of our contributions and daring to evolve fundamentally. This requires cultivating a culture that equally values tangible expansions and intangible elevations.

As leaders and changemakers, it’s our responsibility to promote a balanced view of progress—one that equally appreciates horizontal expansion, vertical elevation, and level evolution. By doing so, we can create an environment that recognises and celebrates comprehensive and transformative growth.

In redefining progress, we embrace a holistic view that integrates all dimensions of growth, shifting our focus to value innovation, depth, and systemic transformation.

This enables us to unlock our organisations’ more meaningful and sustainable future. Let’s commit to not just doing more but to evolving and elevating our approach to true progress.

Thank you! Till next week, keep making progress


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