Originality over Credibility

Today, I want to talk about the idea of originality over credibility. This topic is very close to my heart, especially for Transformation & Change leaders.

Building credibility is important, but not on account of originality. So much hype around building credibility, brand and scores on the board. Yet, without paying attention, this pursuit can cost us our originality. Which is a high cost to pay

Why do we pursue credibility?

Simple! We need it. We need to prove we know what we are about. Projects you have done, companies you have been in, what people are saying about, people you know, courses and qualifications, etc.

ood stuff, right? Well, it is until it is not.

This pursuit can quickly turn into quicksand and an endless hunger for more.

It becomes more of a habit and a mask of doing more stuff that does not align with where we want to go and bring our future closer to us.

And before you know it, you are labelled!

“You are the M&A guy.”

“You are the IT projects consultant.”

“So, you are the one that does all the plans and budgets.”

So why is originality such an asset?

Transformation is about transforming the way people see things, their sense of belonging to a better and bigger future, working with things differently, and creating true impact & value that would make a bridge to the future for our customers, teams and the whole of the organizations.

That entails that it is not about more of the same, building more of the status quo, creating something that doesn’t really go deep into root causes, or making small incremental changes that don’t build that bridge to the future and makes everything take ages.

As a result, transformation & change leaders need to be Different. They need to bring in their essence, their wisdom and what is true to them, what is original and not what is mainstream thinking

In this case, transformation leaders must be original.

Now, what do I mean by being original?

Originality is something that has YOU written all over it. It is what is true to you. These are your ideas, your philosophies, your values, ways of doing things.

And doe that you use the learnings, the knowledge and the pursuit of credibility to further that by allowing yourself to connect the dots that take you from data to information to knowledge and then add your magic to it. That would then turn it into wisdom coupled with your essence and maturity. That is what makes you original.

So many transformation leaders are vanilla in the sense of being bland and trying to fit in, trying to find their space in an ocean of status quo and making a minimal impact. Barely spreading their wings and, most importantly, not fulfilled.

Originality is a path to fulfilment

Very few transformation leaders listen to that voice that tells them they can be more and truly take their teams and organizations to the future by seeing what is possible. This is not attainable if you are in the same category of thinking, in the same status quo ocean and have the same level of perspective as everyone else.

You cannot transform them by being like them (I don’t mean that in a superior way, but more of being in service). You got to be different. You’re going to be a good different by bringing your originality.

It takes effort and time to discover your uniqueness, genius zone and originality.

But what is most important is that many leaders in organizations get infected with their organization’s frameworks and ideologies, and ways of thinking that they become “The same” and contribute to the creation of “the same”. They eventually become the sum of the organizations they’ve worked for, books they’ve read…etc. Without bringing originality to it.

It is hard to protect your originality. You will constantly be on alert to not get sucked into the vacuum of “The Same”. It takes courage, boldness, and the ability to detach from the outcome to be in full service. You might pay a small price along the way, but the journey is rewarding. And yes, you won’t be that popular and will have enemies. But when a substantial and impactful change is needed (and in this day and age, it is very much needed), they know whom to call.

So, transformation & change leaders, I’ll leave you with this food for thought. In this current landscape of high levels of complexity, fast pace change, where everything is urgent and important. Yes, there is a need for speed, but at the same time, there is a hunger for value and impact—such a tricky balance to strike.

And with organizations and leaders are swimming in the sea of frameworks and models and trying to figure out which consulting company framework to follow. Instead, organizations are looking up to their leaders to bring in originality, maturity and wisdom to solve the problems they are best positioned to understand and find a resolution. Those leaders help build that bridge to the future with their uniqueness in a way that fulfils them and achieves the organizational outcomes with the most value and impact.

People Of Transformation & Change Community [POTC]

One of the main reasons why I am creating The People Of Transformation & Change [POTC] Community mastermind is to bring in more originality and diversity in the Transformation & Change space by allowing leaders to find their ways, their superpowers, how to articulate their expertise and also to sell the expertise to create impact. Other benefits to the POTC community:

  • Connect to like-minded and like-hearted leaders who care, want to grow and want to spread their wings.
  • Gain Mastery over change and transformation beyond the publicly available models and frameworks and get deep into the invisible by learning through courses, group coaching and providing deep dive hot seats.
  • Expand perspectives and thinking in various topics and areas within change & transformation by having a safe space for open conversations, virtual and in-person events, masterclasses, expert interviews, and case study showcases.
  • Network with other leaders locally and globally to build relationships, bond and gain access to the secret career market of unadvertised roles.
  • Feel supported and understood.

The People of Transformation & Change mastermind community will be invite-only and offered to a handful of members at a founder-only price. If you believe this interests you, reach out and register your interest.

Next …

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