Mission In Action

Last year, I created a unique space for high-achieving leaders in change and transformation—a place for learning, growth, and mastery. This is the essence of People of Transformation.

Since its inception, I’ve had the privilege of guiding and mentoring a select group of members committed to making their future brighter and faster.

People of Transformation has a mission:

To enable and empower you to become the go to leader of the future

Status of the practice

Unfortunately, the practices of change, transformation and strategy execution are plagued with mediocracy, more of the same, old-school ways of thinking and outdated tools and frameworks.

I believe in the few true thought leaders out there who are really trying hard to lift up the standards in the industry and make it work not just for the organizations but also for the leaders.

We all have something to give, and every thought leader has a perspective and angle that helps make those practices better.

Holistic, deep, practical and caring thought leadership is the tide that will lift all boats.

How is the People of Transformation lifting the boats?

I want to share Michelle’s experience inside People of Transformation with you today.

Michelle is a global change & transformation leader who is a high performer and highly credentialed

Watch what Michelle had to say in these 4 videos below:

Video 1 of 4: What would you say to those considering joining People of Transformation?

Video 2 of 4: Why did you join People of Transformation?

Video 3 of 4: How is People of Transformation different?

Video 4 of 4: What is People of Transformation to you?

Way forward

I love to serve and hear how I have made a difference; it is a privilege. That’s really all that matters. It is my Why and the legacy I leave behind.

People of Transformation is for:

  • Individual Leaders, Senior Consultants, and Senior practitioners: Who want to be more, believe that there is a better way, want higher impact and are already high achievers without compromising on well-being, settling for less, or getting more of the same.
  • Corporate Teams: If you have a team that is responsible for areas of strategy execution, change or transformation, People of Transformation offers a unique opportunity for teams to join and have their own private team space while getting access to the wider community, learn from the in-depth content, attend the weekly coaching sessions, access past recordings, access to masterclasses and workshops. They still have their private space to discuss matters with me privately through bespoke implementation and coaching sessions.

Doors to People of Transformation are now open for enrollment for this February intake. If you are interested, reach out for a private conversation and join the waitlist to update you on what is happening inside. Sign up to the waitlist of People of Transformation here

Get in touch with me by commenting below or email me at Success@peopleoftransformation.com

Thank you!


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