Building on top of each other’s work

The invisible waste that is costing us a lot

The most frequently asked question I get from leaders and organizations is…
How to accelerate change & transformation?
The answer is a lot more than I can fit into this article.

☢️ However, one thing that happens often and is at the grass root level is the fact that team members are not building on each others’ work.☢️

Why does this happen?

They choose to do their own thing and ignore what has already been done .. and that’s because:

⭕️ They believe this is a better way to show their value and individuality

⭕️ They don’t agree on the work already done and choose not to engage or collaborate but rather start from scratch

⭕️ They don’t have the expertise and experience to know how to build on others’ work

⭕️ They have a different objective and agenda that is not aligned with the overall outcome

⭕️ They don’t know how to articulate their views and perspectives to the wider audience

The cost

Unfortunately, the cost of the above is high not just in time wasted but also in effort wasted, energy drained, rework, creating negative vibes, delivering mediocre results … etc.

As a change and transformation leader and practitioner, do you value/know/connect to how and why we all need to build on each others’ work?

Unfortunately, the cost of the above is high not just in time wasted but also in effort wasted, energy drained, rework, creating negative vibes, delivering mediocre results … etc.

As a change and transformation leader and practitioner, do you value/know/connect to how and why we all need to build on each others’ work?

💡 If there is a top skill you need to master in this day and age with the increased pace of change and the increased complexity of organizational landscapes, it is that…

What do we need to overcome this?

You need: 👇

🟢 Mastery of your own discipline/practice

🟢 Able to understand other complementing practices and how you can integrate with them

🟢 Articulate the value for all on why this is important and speaking in their language

🟢 Understand the cost of not doing so and be able to move hearts before minds

🟢 Provide clarity and structure on the way forward

🟢 Have the right winning mindset

🟢 Able to listen, ask questions and not shy away from difficult conversations

🟢 Have confidence and conviction

🟢 Be open, humble and constructive

This is a skill that you can learn!

And by doing so, you won’t just accelerate your career growth but also your value and impact on your teams and organizations.

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It doesn’t matter how much you know, how experienced you are, what companies you worked for, or what level of education you have… If you cannot read the room, read between the lines, get a clear reading of what is really going on, understand the journey of where people are at and see how you can contribute and build on top of others’ work… Then, you are set up to fail.

Some leaders can go along being like that for some time, but eventually, the tables will turn.

The cost of not being able to build on top of… is so high and even higher the more senior you become

📣📣This is the last article in this series, and a new series will be launched next month. Watch this space 👁🗨

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